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Upgrading the MacBook Pro 13" Early 2011

Macbook Pro 2011

Being unimpressed with the 2016 MacBook Pro line-up, I decided to upgrade my MacBook Pro 13” Early 2011 so that I could keep using it a little longer. There are a couple of upgrades available that are worthwhile to get the best performance out of your MacBook.

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Serializing Leaflet Draw layers


On a project I recently worked on, I used Leaflet.draw to draw polygons and rectangles on a map. Leaflet.draw is perfect for this task but does not support storage of these objects out-of-the-box. I solved this issue by using the draw:edited, draw:deleted and draw:created events to store the objects to a database using a REST API.

To save everyone else the frustration of having to figure this out, I created a project called Leaflet Draw Serialize Demo that demonstrates how to use these events to save the drawn objects to an external service using a REST API. The interesting stuff is in the front-end javascript.

Feel free to use this project as a reference for your own implementation.

Repairing a greyed-out disk on OS X

A request I recently got was to fix an external USB disk. This disk appeared to be broken beyond repair, as all options on OS X’s Disk Util were greyed out. Both on OS X and the recovery boot system. Luckily, I was able to restore the disk. Unfortunately, I was not able to recover the contents.


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Automated backups from DirectAdmin to Synology NAS

Synology Task Scheduler

For the past couple of years I’ve been a customer of Antagonist. I have a shared hosting package from them that is running on DirectAdmin. DirectAdmin has an option for manual backups, but as this option takes a lot of time and manual labor, it would be better if we could automate it. To automate it I came up with a three step process:

1. Create a full backup from DirectAdmin and store it locally

DirectAdmin has released a script on their website to automatically create backups. This script works on accounts that do not have admin rights (typical on shared hosting servers). Follow the instructions up until step 5. I have set up the cron job to create the backup at 04:00. This is how my cronjob looks like in DirectAdmin:

00 04 * * * /home/USERACCOUNT/backup.php
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