Bobbie Smulders Freelance Software Developer

Virtual Candles

Another project I did for the New Media New Technology course at the Media Technology MSc Programme had the main goal of getting to know openFrameworks. The theme that my project had to connect to was “Space”. This time, I came up with the Virtual Candles project.

As a small exercise in augmented virtualy, I developed a setup where it was possible to use a real-life candle to light up a virtual object. By placing a WiiMote above a computer monitor, it was possible to track candles (or other infrared sources) placed around the monitor. These lightsources were then mapped into a virtual 3D space (using OpenGL) to shine a light on a virtual object displayed on the computer monitor. A video is posted below to see this effect in action. The full description and the software sourcecode can be found on the project page.