Bobbie Smulders Freelance Software Developer

OSIRIS Email script

As it’s still not possible to receive an email when new grades are published on OSIRIS, I wrote a script that periodically retrieves my grades. When a change in my grade-list occurs, I automatically get an email with a list of my last fifteen grades.

I am using this script with full satisfaction for some time now, which is why I’m publishing it.

Download OSIRIS Email script v0.1


  • A (web)server with PHP and cron is required
  • Use at your own risk
  • Read the comments in each file

31-05-2011 update: The latest OSIRIS upgrade breaks compatibility with this script. You’ll have to modify the source code in order to get it to work again. I might look into this myself.

19-02-2012 update: OSIRIS has implemented email functionality in the latest release. I will no longer support this script.